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We Promote Spoken Poetry.

Aloud Official successfully launched First Chichyahat Session with ten episodes.

The Second Chichyahat Session will be announced soon.

The Team

As Eyes came with a concept of starting spoken poetry and making them available through YouTube.

Abhash, Tushar, Misan, Pujan agreed upon what As Eyes had proposed. Sanjeev joined the team later.

The proper shooting spot was yet to be decided. Kaffe Codes, Thapathali provided us with a hall to make it possible. 

We would like to include Kaffe Codes as our Venue Partner.

  • Abhash Acharya
  • As Eyes
  • Misan Baral
  • Pujan Thapa
  • Sanjeev Mahat
  • Tushar Subedi

Chichyahat Season 2

Behind the Scenes

IOE Poetry Champ 2.0

Aloud Official ?

Something in your mind? Something you want to tell people about? To cry out loud? To let it all out?? A poem, a prose A rant Let us know..

Viewers Response

"A place where you can speak your heart out without getting judged. Loved it."
Avanti Baniya
"Lagatar herya herya vaiyo 😁😁 keep it up guys.."
Garima Mandavya
"Damn that was a painful story. After I listened to it second time only I realized the story behind "5 year and 5 second". Too Deep. Bune, Thank you for sharing the story."
Sanjog Sigdel
"Beautifully scripted, beautifully delivered.👏👏👏"
Yogesh Sharma

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